Emergency First Aid at Work (FAIB)

Who should attend:

Anyone wanting training in Emergency First Aid administration, regardless of any First Aid experience.

Course benefits:

The aim of the courses is to enable the candidate to be able to act as an appointed person to take charge of the first aid arrangements, including looking after the equipment and facilities and calling the emergency medical service when required.

Additional information:

The course also covers basic information in the importance of preventing cross infection. The course requires 6 hours contact and is normally conducted in one day.


All candidates who participate to the required level will receive a FAIB certificate. FAIB now approve Emergency First Aid at Work as a First Aider qualification.

  • Action in an emergency –           Factors involved during the emergency approach

Initial steps of DR ABC

  • Primary assessment –           Danger




Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation

  • Secondary assessment –           How to make a diagnosis
  • Principles of resuscitation –           Procedures for artificial ventilation

Procedures for cardio-pulmonary resuscitation

Airway Obstructions

Understanding use of defibrillators

  • Wounds & Bleeding –           Types of Bleeding

Preventative Cross-Infection

Traumatic bleeds and techniques

General Rules for the treatment of wounds


  • Fractures –           Types of fractures

Treatment of fractures

  • Incident Management –           Recap on action at an emergency
  • Burns and scolds
  • Fits and seizures
  • Respiration and choking
  • Diabetes
  • Spine and neck injuries
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